Google Cardboard iPhone 5 adapter by Jurrien Meyrahn

google cardboard iPhone 5 adapter jurrien meyrahn

Google Cardboard iPhone 5 adapter designed by Jurrien Meyrahn.


Designer Jurrien Meyrahn designed this Google cardboard iphone 5 adapter for your Google Cardboard so you are able to use an iPhone 5 or iPhone 5S inside your Google cardboard mobile virtual reality viewer. It doesn’t work for iPhone 4 because the screen of the iPhone 4 is shorter and that would require and adjustment of the distance between the two lenses.
The magnet trigger will not work for iPhone, but it seems that virtual reality app for google cardboard are not using the magnet anyways. App developers seem to chose for visual triggers instead of the magnet for interaction. As you can see for example in the roller coaster VR app  where looking at a handle will start your cart.
We also worked with a visual trigger in our Virtual Tour of the byAMFI Statement Store.

Our prediction is that the magnet trigger will disappear from mobile VR viewers.
And that this adapter will make the google cardboard also suitable for iPhone 5 / 5S users.

Next week we will start making prototypes of these iPhone 5 adapters for inside your google cardboard so we can show you exactly how they will look like and to proof it’s functionality. We will also integrate the adapter in the die cut and laser cut designs for google cardboard that are inside the google cardboard design kit on googles cardboard page. With this we want to develop and a new design for the google cardboard with an integrated iphone 5 adapter so that all the people who have an iphone 5 can also enjoy the fun of mobile virtual reality. The way the iphone adapter should be integrated in the existing google cardboard design can be seen below:

google cardboard with iphone 5 adapter 3