Worlds first: Virtual Tour byAMFI fashion retail space for Google Cardboard

What is the news?

By using Google Cardboard we have developed world’s first virtual tour on your smartphone of a fashion retail space: the byAMFI Statement Store, located in the city centre of Amsterdam.

byAMFI is the Statement Store of the Amsterdam Fashion Institute that is a part of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. It offers a platform to showcase the beautiful work that is made by our students, teachers and alumni.

By downloading the “Virtual Tour byAMFI” Android app, and placing your smartphone in a Google Cardboard, you can experience the byAMFI Statement Store in six scenes, while a voice-over gives you background information.

Now shoppers around the world can experience the byAMFI Statement Store in virtual reality no matter where they are. This virtual tour can be seen as an invitation to visit the real shop by taking a part of the physical shopping experience to the online world by using mobile virtual reality. Its goal is to increase interest in the byAMFI store and through this store traffic.

This app also showcases what could be a first step in using mobile virtual reality in (fashion) retail. The app is now available in the Google Play store.

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This is an Amsterdam Creative Industries Network project.


  • Harry van Vliet, professor Crossmedia,
  • Jochen Riester,  lecturer/researcher Crossmedia – 0031622101126
  • Jurrien Meyrahn, game designer, Maroon Paw/Student CMD


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  • Frank Wijlens, byAMFI Statement Store
  • Rosiane Kuijper, byAMFI Statement Store
  • Travis Rice, voice-over, student AMFI


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